Hi! I’m Ethel David, a Freelance Graphic Designer, Illustrator, Surface Pattern Designer & Web Designer. Graduate of Bachelor of Science in Computer Science.
Since I was a child, I’m in love with the arts. I remember drawing my own paper dolls and their dresses, joining drawing contests (some wins, some lost), doodling during my spare time, and being amazed watching Bob Ross doing his paintings.
It was after I gave birth to my first daughter, that my interest was caught inspiring those beautiful fabrics in the store. I wondered how on earth did they make those gorgeous designs. But my mind was set on creating websites and didn’t have a chance to explore them. Then after my second daughter was born, a chance of learning and create my own pattern design. I’m so proud of it but I still need to learn more.
After years of creating/designing, I made some clothes for my daughters using my own design from Spoonflower fabrics and am so proud of it.
And now, I’m unstoppable in creating/making new designs that inspire me and learning more techniques and styles to improve my designs.

Thank you!
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